Sunday School

rosary-and-bibleSunday mornings at 9:45, we gather together with our bibles and a pot of coffee for a reading and discussion of Holy Scripture. While our Wednesday night adult formation program is geared toward discussing different books or movies, Sunday morning is designated for an informal discussion of Scripture. We talk about the context of the reading, what it is saying about God, and what it says to us here in Radium Springs.

Our Sunday morning worship is full of scripture. During the 11 a.m. service, you will hear a reading from the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Gospels. We will also recite a psalm together. Though we hear these read aloud in the assembly, these cannot be unpacked in the brief sermon that follows their reading. Our time together in Sunday School gives a little more in-depth, interactive attention to the Scriptures that are so important to our worship and faith.

For a compelling take on what Scripture is for the church community, watch this video featuring Dr.Ellen Davis.



Join us with your questions, insights, experiences, and doubts as we work through Scripture to hear what God calls us to in this neighborhood and city!