The Episcopal Church

St. John and St. Mark is an Episcopal Church. The Episcopal Church is a multinational church under the larger umbrella of the Anglican Communion. The Episcopal Church began as the U.S. expression of Anglicanism, which traces its roots to the Church of England and the unique, catholic Christianity of the British Isles.

episcopallogo-m“Episcopal” comes from the Greek word episkopos, which is where we get the English word “bishop.” When Anglican Christians in the early United States wanted to distance themselves from identifying with the English (for obvious, revolutionary reasons), they changed the name to “Episcopal” in order to indicate their desire to maintain a church organized under the oversight of bishops.

The Presiding Bishop is The Most Reverend Michael Bruce Curry. Though he is not the Bishop of any one diocese, he provides spiritual and administrative leadership to the entire Episcopal Church.

The Episcopal Church is not perfect. We are a body of Christians seeking to worship the Triune God in Spirit and Truth, love our neighbors as we love ourselves, and welcome anyone and everyone with the hospitality of Jesus, whatever their story may be.

But, with the leadership of Bishop Curry, the Episcopal Church is responding to a call to go outside the walls of the church and into our neighborhoods and cities.

Below is a video of our presiding bishop, urging the church to engage the world outside its walls: