The Diocese of Georgia


DioGASt. John and St. Mark is in the Albany Convocation, part of the Episcopal Diocese of Georgia.
We are one of the 70 churches in the diocese under the pastoral leadership of the Right Reverend Scott A. Benhase, the tenth bishop of the Diocese of Georgia.

The diocesan office is in Savannah, GA, and the diocese covers 32,994 square miles (85,450 km2) of the State of Georgia, running from the Chattahoochee River west of Americus to the Savannah River north of Augusta.

Episcopal Churches are parochial (each parish has its own clergy and leadership, called the Vestry), but we are under the oversight of a diocesan bishop. More importantly, we are “in communion” with our diocesan bishop, and under his (or her, as the case may be) pastoral leadership, we share a bond of affection and communion with other Episcopal Churches in this diocese, this country, and around the world.

This being the case, we will sometimes share in worship services, retreats, and events with other Episcopalians in the Diocese of Georgia. Though we have our own “home parishes”, our diocesan fellowship bears witness to our unity with one another in Christ.

To find this information and more, please visit our diocesan website!